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The battle between two Dutch: the Netherlands is making a name for itself in the gambling industry

Those who think the Dutch have little success within the gambling industry should scratch their heads behind the ears. Player Marthijn Lakerveld has proven in recent years that he can definitely compete on an international level. At the Spring Malta Poker Festival, he was even in the final with two other Dutch players. Let's take a closer look at that Dutch success.

Marthijn Lakerveld's success

In 2019, Marthijn participated in the Campeonata Espana de Poker (CEP) at Casino Barcelona, where he finished fourth with a €33,000 prize money. Two years later, in 2021, he finished 1C chip leader at the Grand Benelux Classics. His starting stack of 50,000 was worth €948,000 at the end of the day. 2022 was another great year for Lakerveld, he won the €550 High Roller for €24,846 at Dutch Classics and in April he cashed €52,444 at GGPoker.

At the moment, Marthijn is mainly concerned with coaching poker players who want to earn real money in the online casino. Online casinos offer a lot of different games these days, such as roulette, slots and, of course, poker. Young players who would also like to become professionals can take their first steps here.

Together with Koen Meutstege, Robert Douna and Ruurd Nauta, he set up the company Pokerstudie. Through this platform, he tries to use his own successes and experiences to make the new generation of players successful. With accessible content, they make sure poker becomes accessible to a larger group of Dutch people. New players can train there and players who are more advanced can discuss the game with each other in the online community. So he really contributes to the development of Dutch players within the poker world.

Besides coaching, Lakerveld continues to play himself, taking part in online tournaments as well as physical ones. At both events, the Dutchman scores equally well, achieving successes and big wins everywhere.

Dutchmen at the Malta Poker Festival

Last May, Marthijn Lakerveld won the Spring Malta Poker Festival Grand Event. This tournament took place for the third time this year and was a great success. In total, it took more than ten hours for play to end and at that point 1014 players had already been beaten.

Lakerveld started the final battle as the third chip leader and finished against Hungarian Simon György. The Dutchman did not start the final game very strongly at first, but in the final hand two fives were on the table. The Hungarian thought he could win this hand by playing a King and a five, but Langeveld overcame this hand by putting down a five and an ace. The prize pool for Lakerveld totalled €71,000.

No need to feel sorry for the Hungarian, he cashed the first live cash of his entire career with his second place finish. In total, the Hungarian kept €43,000 from this tournament. So he can look back on his experience with confidence.

Dutchman Jasper van Moorsel was also in the same final, eventually finishing in fourth place to win €18,000. Dutchman Ho Tien Cheung also started the final day, but he had to settle for €4,700 and fifteenth place.

The event in Malta

The final took place at Portomaso Casio in St Julians on Malta. The whole tournament lasted six days in total and 1014 players started on the first day. Only 273 players advanced to the second day of the tournament. For all players who made it to the last 151, there was at least €1100 in prize money waiting. These prizes were won by Dutchmen Nicky Molmans, Marco Herman, Marteen Nederlof, David Hu and Jan Hoogendijk.

Since it has been legal to gamble online in the Netherlands, it has become increasingly popular. Experts therefore also expect the number of poker players with success to increase more and more in the coming years. More and more people are reading reports about the successes of Dutch players and therefore getting interested in playing themselves. A platform like Pokerstudie will certainly be able to help new players achieve big successes faster. The success of Lakerveld, van Moorsel and Tien Cheung is just the beginning, there will undoubtedly be many more and more Dutch players at the same final table.

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